Eat of the Week: Sushi Sunday – Debunking the Myth

We’re debunking the myth that sushi is bad on Sundays with this Eat of the Week.

Have you ever heard the myth that you should never eat sushi on Sundays? Some say that Sunday is the worst day to eat sushi because restaurants aren’t typically getting in fresh fish by that time of the week. Overall, people are totally avoiding sushi at the end of the week. It’s time to debunk that myth and show why sushi can be eaten on Sundays and our favorite places to do so!


Most people assume that their fish should be as fresh as possible in order to taste good. In most cases, fish tastes best when aged a day or two. Most fish, this includes the basic tuna, will not capture the desired umami flavors if it’s eaten too soon. Don’t worry, good chefs will not serve fish past their freshness prime. So throw out the ultimate freshness argument and enjoy the flavors presented to you



With a great sushi chef, you should never have to worry about if your fish is good to eat or not. At Nicksan Sushi, you won’t have to worry. They have some of the most skilled chefs preparing beautifully crafted dishes. Only 1.5 miles away from our Vacation property, Nicksan chefs serve classic Japanese dishes such as temaki, nigiri, and sashimi with their own specialized touch. A beautiful and lively environment for all.  There’s no better way to dine! So kick those myths to the curb and head down to Nicksan for Sushi Sunday!



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