Swimming with Dolphins

Everyone dreams of swimming with dolphins and, at our Cabo Dolphins center, we’re host to several Pacific Bottle-nose dolphins eager to meet you. We offer the chance to chat, cuddle, and flirt with these cheeky and charming creatures.

Toll Free USA: 1-866-393-5158

Our newest location, Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos, stands in the beautiful Marina Puerto Los Cabos in San José del Cabo, a charming city only 5 minutes to the sea, and only 25 minutes From Cabo San Lucas in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The place designed for your experience with our loving animals is an ocean cove where dolphins feel in their natural habitat and you enjoy their company to the fullest.


Fly across the COSTA AZUL CANYON along more than three Miles of high different zip lines. IT’S INCREDIBLE!

ATV/Quad Rentals

Explore the natural beauties of Los Cabos from the seat of an all terrain vehicle, commonly known as an ATV. ATV’s allow access to places where very few people go. In fact, these sure-footed machines can take you places that even horses fear to tread!

Whether you are a beginner wanting an easy ride or an expert looking for a challenge, or you classify yourself somewhere in-between, Cactus ATV Tours offers to the Los Cabos tourist a wide variety of great trails, spectacular scenery, and lots of fun!

Their tours we will take you over trails and back roads into the desert, mountains, canyons, streams & small Indian villages to enjoy breathtaking views of majestic beaches & sand dunes on the Pacific Ocean.


For those in the know, Mexico’s favorite tropical paradise at land’s end in Baja has become the next French Riviera, and Wide Open Adventures now has a second operation departing from the sunny shores of Cabo San Lucas. Our guests can explore the vast expanse of southern Baja’s wide open spaces from this world-class vacation destination. Pristine beaches. Beautiful desert vistas. Steep inland canyons. Quaint villages on the stunning blue Sea of Cortez.

Fishing in Cabo

Cabo Fishing has the finest fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas. They pride themselves in having only boats of the highest quality, highest customer satisfaction and the most experienced captains and crews. All their boats are world-class tournament quality, and will give you the awesome deep see fishing experience that you would expect.


Horseback Riding in Cabo

There is great horseback riding by the house. Going towards Cabo take the first exit after getting on hwy (it’s the Arroyo). You can see the horse center. You can ride on the beach early in the morning or evening. It’s about $25/hour per person. The owner is Jessie James (no kidding) and you need to drive to him to make a reservation.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Jacques Cousteau and innumerable underwater adventurers have described the Sea of Cortez as “The World’s Richest Sea”. This is especially t5rue of the waters that caress the southern tip of Baja. The diversity in fish and marine mammals that congregate here is unmatched anywhere else in the earth’s undersea domain.



From the beginning novice who wants to attend a surf camp, to the expert seeking a challenge, Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone!


Whale Watching

Every autumn, thousands of Gray whales make their annual 6,000 mile migration from the summer feedings grounds of Alaska to the calving grounds of Cabo San Lucas, Baja and the Sea of Cortez. If you’re coming to Cabo San Lucas between December and March, you will likely be treated to seeing some of these gentle giants. Whether you like the speed and excitement of the Ocean Riders Tour, or the relaxation and luxury of one of the larger boats, you’re sure to love whale watching in Cabo San Lucas!


Experience the thrill of Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas! You’re pulled behind a motorboat, hundreds of feet in the air, giving you amazing aerial views of Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos and the Baja area of Mexico. You’ll fly over El Arco, Pelican Rock, and Lover’s Beach as only an eagle might see them. We offer single and tandem Parasailing flights, giving you even more options to enjoy your experience. Parasailing is easy, even for beginners, and an activity to remember!

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