San Jose Del Cabo Fishing

Are you ready to experience the incredible fishing of San Jose Del Cabo? Known as one of the world’s greatest fishing destinations, San Jose Del Cabo is a haven for fishing enthusiasts.

The Marlin Capital of the World is built upon the merging of two huge bodies of water, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The merging of these waters creates the perfect conditions for a thriving ecosystem of sea-life that brings fishermen from all around the world.

The waters of Cabo are filled to the brim with tuna, wahoo, marlin, swordfish, sailfish, and dorado thanks to the strong offshore currents that are brought about from the merging of the two major waters. Fishing in Cabo includes surf, charter, and fly-fishing, nutrient-rich, fish-filled waters, and the most incredible scenery and communities to be experienced anywhere.

One of the beautiful things about Cabo is that the weather is temperate and the conditions are right pretty much year-round for most of the things visitors will want to do. Fishing is no exception. While certain species will be best to catch in certain seasons, there isn’t really a bad fishing season. The one exception is the East Cape in winter because heavy winds cause for unsuccessful fishing. For the most part, you can fish anywhere in Cabo during any season of the year.


Surf Fishing

The surf fishing in San Jose Del Cabo is like no other and gives visitors the opportunity to fish while exploring the incredible coastlines of Los Cabos and the East Cape. There are so many spots to fish along the shore in Cabo, including secret local places, and well-known popular locales such as “Rooster Alley.”

Surf fishing in Cabo provides the opportunity to catch a variety of species, including:

  • Pacific Snook
  • Dorado
  • Snappers
  • Sierra
  • Roosterfish
  • Groupers
  • California Yellowtail
  • Jack Crevalle

In order to have the most success surf fishing in San Jose Del Cabo, you’ll want to make sure that you are equipped with a long surfcasting rod and a high-quality spinning wheel, as well as the appropriate lures for the species you’re fishing for. Talk to the locals for tips on tackle and other surf fishing hints.

Find your own coastline or take a guided trip by ATV to discover some of the best surf fishing in the world.

Charter Fishing

Visitors to San Jose Del Cabo don’t have to stay on shore to fish, in fact, there are a number of fishing charters to choose from in order to fish the open seas. Choose a reputable charter company with a good price and a decent boat, one that will make sure and take you where the fish are.

Talk to the locals, other visitors, and read reviews to find the best charter fishing boat for you. Spend a day or more on the sea catching marlin, tuna, and swordfish.


World-Record Fish in San Jose Del Cabo

Around 70 world-record fish have been caught in San Jose Del Cabo, and the number of records is only expected to grow. The conditions are right and the fish are massive, so catching the next record-breaking fish is not actually that impossible.

San Jose Del Cabo Fishing Regulations

Make sure you know the fishing laws in Mexico in order to keep yourself from any problems. Fishing licenses are required unless a child under 14 is fishing or unless you are surf fishing. Licenses are not required if you’re fishing from shore.

Licenses can be obtained at the Mexican Department of Fisheries in San Diego, an online application website, or usually with assistance from any reputable charter boat that you’re going out on.

The fish that you catch can be kept and taken home, but you’ll want to make sure and follow health and safety precautions in order to transport your fish safely.


Fishing Tournaments

If you’re up for a challenge, enter one of Cabo’s many fishing tournaments. There are a number of small challenges you can find and be a part of, but Cabo actually hosts the most high-reward tournaments in the world. Check out a local fishing tournament calendar to see if there is one that suits your time-frame and your skill-level.

Fish in San Jose Del Cabo

If you’re visiting Cabo, do yourself a favor and spend some time fishing in one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world. Even if you’re a novice, you will experience an exhilaration like no other when you reel that first fish in. The fish are so abundant, the waters so rich, that you’re sure to make an incredible catch.

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