San Jose Del Cabo Surfing

Come to Cabo for world-class surfing and you will find yourself in a dream-come-true. Why? Surfing in Cabo is a combination of the perfect, consistent, warm waves along with differing levels of difficulty, making it a top destination for anyone who is ready to catch a wave.

This year-round surfing destination boasts of a variety of different breaks, as well as some of the most incredible coastal scenery to be found anywhere in the world. While Cabo surfing is top-notch any time of the year, there is a basic rule of thumb in regards to where to surf and when.

The spring and summer months are traditionally stormy, and the high winds push in amazing swells. During those times, surfers usually surf the Sea of Cortez, which is filled with waves to be reckoned with, as well as crowds of surfers looking to ride with the best.

For a less busy time of year, surf the Pacific side of Los Cabos during the fall and winter months. In those seasons, swells from the west bring beautiful, consistent waves that can reach up to twenty feet high.





In the 1950s, fisherman and sailors who were traveling from California would stop and surf in Cabo. While surfing continued and was publicized for the next 30 years, it wasn’t until American condo development began to flourish in the mid-80s that the area gained immense popularity.

In the early 90s, Cabo held its first large surfing competition, which was won by pro-surfer Kelly Slater, and a surf-party reputation was born. The popularity of San Jose Del Cabo continues to grow as a top surfing destination, and for good reason.

Cabo Surf Breaks

There are a large number of surf breaks in Cabo, many are well-known and popular, while others are secret. This isn’t an exhaustive list (the secret breaks must remain secret), but it’s a great start for someone looking to check out the surf that Cabo has to offer.


As the closest break to San Jose del Cabo, Zippers is a busy, fun, and popular surfing location. Home to a number of surf competitions as well as the town, Zippers proves to be one of the busiest surf breaks in Cabo. Surfing provides a nice, long ride if you can brave the crowds and fight for a spot in the water.


This intense, urchin-covered break tends to better surf for advanced surfers. As a left point break, Monuments provides nice-sized surfing for those with the experience to handle the conditions.

While quite well-known, Shipwrecks is usually not crowded due to the difficulty one has to undertake to reach it, which includes a trip off-road in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The scenery on the road to Shipwrecks is incredible. The surf at Shipwrecks is best during a southern swell.

This sandbar break is found at the north end of Hotel Row in San Jose del Cabo. Surfing is best after storms build up the sandbar.

Formed from a rock outcropping off the Costa Azul shore, La Roca offers rides that can reach over 100 yards and 6-10 foot swells.

This simple, right breaking swell between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas is the perfect location for those just beginning, as well as more advanced surfers.

The strong break that El Tule provides is quick, determined, and best for expert surfers. Look for El Tule in the middle of the Cabo Tourist Corridor next to Chileno Bay.

Several miles down a small dirt road is a sign for Pastora. If you make it through the tricky path to the break, you’ll find an uncrowded beach with incredible surf.

Cerritos Beach is beautiful, has great surf, and is easy to access. All of these things combined make it one of the most popular and crowded breaks in all of Cabo. It’s definitely worth risking the crowds to surf this well-known location.

A few miles south of Todos Santos, Pescadero surf is consistent and enjoyable. The downside of this relaxing surf break is that there are urchins covering the reef, meaning surfers need to be aware and careful as they paddle.

This dual break is near Cerritos Beach and is less popular, making it a great place to check out if you can’t handle the crowds at Cerritos.

Cabo Surfers

The surfers in Cabo are made up of locals and expats, as well as tourists flying in daily to explore the community and check out the surfing. The most popular spots like Zippers and Monuments are often filled with tourists, while lesser-known surf spots are less crowded and often surfed mainly by locals.


Surf in San Jose Del Cabo

There is an abundance of reasons to check out San Jose Del Cabo for surfing. Due to the incredible surf, the lively community, the great food, and the jaw-dropping, beautiful scenery, Cabo is one of the most popular surf destinations in the world. There’s nothing like it anywhere else, and you’ll just have to experience it to see why.

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