Cabo during Covid-19.

Many of you are wondering “ is it safe to travel during Covid-19?” and the answer is YES! I would personally even say it is the safest it has ever been. With the Hepa filters in the airplanes and the mandatory covid tests I have never felt more comfortable traveling than I do today. Cabo […]

Eat of the Week: Restaurante Mexico

So close to Chris Tooker Vacation Properties AND the beach! Can’t go wrong with this restaurant. Tacos, pineapple ceviche, tortilla soup, chips and guacamole… all so good.                 This is just some of the delicious food options at our Eat of the Week: Restaurante Mexico.  Chris was just here […]

Eat of the Week: Margarita’s

The most popular drink in Mexico, a margarita, sweet and sour delicacy rimed with salt and garnished with a lime. The best way to start your Cabo vacation off. Chris Tooker enjoying the margarita at Restaurante Mexico. Some recommended restaurants for the best margarita: Monkey Business Cave Bar Tropicana Inn Bar & Grill La Osteria – […]

A Vegan’s Vacation

Cabo has delicious food choices for everyone! Check out some of these restaurants with Vegetarian and Vegan options: CHULA Vegan Cafe Cynthia Fresh Organic Resaurant Mi Vegano Favorito Rock & Vegan La Rana Vegana Restaurant Mako Raspados Elements Indian Restaurant Cabos Bajarosha Mexican Cravings                       […]

The Bae Getaway: Honeymoon

  A honeymoon to make memories that will last forever. Enjoy a relaxing, adventurous, memorable, and luxurious honeymoon that will take your breath away. Spend the day on the gorgeous beach catching rays or deep sea diving in the crystal clear ocean. Then come back to 5 star private villa with custom pool and Jacuzzi […]

Eat of the Week: Fresh Fridays – Flora Farms

Indulging in the full vacation experience means indulging in all the food your destination has to offer. Especially in Cabo, the eating options are endless! But, sometimes this means falling off your ‘diet plan’. Have no fear, with our Eat of the Week: Fresh Friday, we have some ways to fuel yourself with delicious, nutritious […]

Eat of the Week: Taco Tuesday

One of the most common weekday traditions is none other than our Eat of the Week: Taco Tuesday! It’s one of the best types of happy hour of the week. No better way to get through the start of the week than knowing there are some delicious tacos waiting for you! Although Taco Tuesday has […]

Eat of the Week: Martini Monday

Mondays may just be the most hated day of the week. The start of the workweek, the end of the weekend. It’s back to the office, back to school, back to reality. Monday gets a bad rap. In reality, it really isnt that bad. But we get where you’re coming from. What can make your Monday […]

Eat of the Week: Sushi Sunday – Debunking the Myth

We’re debunking the myth that sushi is bad on Sundays with this Eat of the Week. Have you ever heard the myth that you should never eat sushi on Sundays? Some say that Sunday is the worst day to eat sushi because restaurants aren’t typically getting in fresh fish by that time of the week. […]

Eat of the Week: Wine Wednesday

You know the saying, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” In Cabo, it can be 5 o’clock any time you want, especially on Wednesday! Our eat of the week is: WINE. Pop open a bottle with friends and relax because it’s Wednesday! There is no better day to drink it, and we have proof! Real evidence shows […]

For the Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior (n): Someone who holds a regular, rigorous job during the week which restricts their ability to party/go on trips/partake in awesome activities and thus plans epic weekend activities to compensate. The definition speaks for itself: There’s no stopping the Weekend Warrior! Hours on end in the office can get to your head.  But […]

The Mom Package

  A mom is the super-human who sacrifices her body, sleep, money, energy and patience for the love of her family! Whether she works full time or stay at home, being a mom is one demanding job! When looking for her break, a family getaway can sound very amusing. But, even on vacation, taking trips […]
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