Medical Services



Dial 066 (same as 911 in the States)

24-Hour Ambulance Service

Air & Land: 624-144-3434
Rescue, Critical Care & Evacuation: 624-143-5900
SkyMed International Evacuation: 624-143-1212

Walk-in Medi-Clinic:

Alfonso Jurado, M.D. is right down the street and speaks perfect English. His office is just across the highway outside the guard gate and to the left a little. You can call him anytime and he will meet you at his clinic even on Sunday. Let him know we referred you.

Cell Phone: 044-624-147-5881

Office: 130-7011


Should you or any member of your party require hospitalization, AmeriMed is a network of medical facilities in Mexico that provide full medical services based upon U.S. standards of health care.

They offer a full range of emergency and routine services. Their facilities are staffed 24 hours a day with bilingual, in-house physicians who are specialists in emergency medicine. Their nurses provide total quality care, supported by the latest in technology.

AmeriMed is a recognized leader and preferred professional provider of optimal medical service and care for residents and travelers, both domestic and International.

Their first priority is to provide our patients the medical care they deserve and expect.

International: 011-52-624-105-8500
Local in Los Cabos: 105-8500

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