Need to Unplug?


Ever stressed? Overwhelmed? Overbooked? Overworked? Chaotically busy? You need a break! Cabo might just be what you need.

The full-time student, working mother, wall street businessman, teacher or even mailman. What do they all have in common? We are all in need of a break.

I’m a 20, full time college student, Track & Field athlete, team captain, an intern, youth basketball coach and club sports coordinator. Whew…

My workweek is 30 hours plus school. That alone can make you feel the stress through the computer screen! But, I only experience half of what life’s full time stress really is. If I need a break, don’t you?!

The need to rest, relax, and refresh without distractions or responsibilities is crucial. We call this being Unplugged. This may be what you need.

Imagine this: You’re laying out by the ocean. Crystal clear water, soft sand under your feet, warm breeze in the air with a drink in hand and the sun shining above. Your mind is clear, and you feel your anxious heartbeat and heavy breathing slowly start to fade away.

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When it comes to vacation, do you enjoy laying out on the beach? Enjoying good food and music? Being with people important to you? And just unwinding from the craziness of life? There is always so much that can be done when on vacation, but when there’s already so much to be done in reality, sometimes all we want to do… is nothing.

You can easily have this and much more by booking with us for your next vacation in Cabo at our vacation properties!

Laying out on the beach, by the pool or even in the comfort of an upscale home can truly be serenity.

I deserve it, you deserve it, we all deserve it. Because when we Work Hard, Play Hard – sometimes we just want to Vacation Easy.


Real Experiences from Real People!

Image may contain: one or more people and ocean, text that says 'It was awesome to unplug from the normal life and plug into family. The Shepards COME STAY LOS CABOS MEXICO WITH US!'

What are you waiting for? Book your memories with us now!

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